The Yellowstone Flint & Cap Club was created in 1981 out of the need for a black powder shooting club in Lafayette County, WI. With the goals of historic preservation and the pre-1840’s time period in mind, The Yellowstone Flint & Cap Club (YFC) started hosting an annual rendezvous.  Starting on the Tuesday before the first full weekend of May, this club hosts The Bloody Lake Rendezvous on the back 40 of Black Hawk Memorial Park.  Re-enactors from all over the country come to participate in the many competitions and games of this springtime event.  Visitors are welcome to walk through the encampment on Saturday and Sunday.  The YFC invites Lafayette and Green County history students to spend a school day here, to witness living history and to ask questions about the lifestyles and skills of their forefathers.  During the Rendezvous, two of our members give narratives on the Battle of Bloody Lake, telling the historical significance of this area during The Black Hawk War. Some members of the YFC take their skills on the road to different agencies and organizations within the surrounding communities (including schools, nursing homes, and scouting groups) to talk about the local history and demonstrate essential skills needed to survive in the early years of The Wisconsin Territory.  Each year, we invite college bound students to submit an essay for a scholarship. The selection is based on need, good citizenship, and community involvement of the applicant.  Currently, we offer $1,000 towards their higher education.  The Yellowstone Flint & Cap Club holds public shooting competitions every third Sunday on the Rendezvous grounds for those who want to learn to shoot or bone up on their marksmanship.  Only muzzle loading, black powder rifles, pistols and shotguns may be used on our firing range.