Rendezvous Rules 
Decision of the Head Dog Soldier is final.

We have use of this entire 159-acre county park, explore it. The areas north & east of our rendezvous site are private property and are off limits. Please respect the No Trespassing signs.

Horse Camp- Primitive gear is required. There is an area outside of main camp where you can ride your horse. See Dennis Mason for more information. Negative Coggins Test Required.

Modern Camp- located in the west parking lot. Please display your registration ribbon.

Handicap Parking available across from the registration tent.

One (1) hour unloading time: then your vehicle must be removed from camp. Please do not block marked fire lanes. After initial set-up, please step back & look at your campsite as if you were a tourist. All modern conveniences must be hidden from view at all times. Keep your campsite clean & safe by having a properly dug fire pit and water within reach.

Pre-1840 Clothing and Accouterments are required in camp at all times by participants during rendezvous. No tennis shoes, blue jeans or hiking boots will be allowed.

***Please make sure cell phones are off or silent while within public view***.

Dogs-  You may walk your dog on a leash thru camp.  Please clean up after your pet.

Registration fees: $15.00 per lodge plus $10.00 per person, aged 16 & older.

Commercial Trader’s: $35.00 for your business plus $10.00 per person plus $15.00 camp fee for a separate lodge/tin tipi. No goods are to be displayed in plastic. Period items only, No Flea Market items will be allowed.  For a list of the Bloody Lake Rendezvous Trade Rules please contact the Booshway or the Secretary.

Food Vendors: If you provide an appropriate trash receptacle, people will use it!!

Amenities: Slab wood can be cut at the woodpile with your primitive saw. Carts are available to transport firewood to your camp. If you have wood left over at your camp on Sunday, please return it to the woodpile. Wisconsin DNR

Restrictions: Beginning June 1, 2010 only firewood gathered or purchased from a vendor who cut it from within 10 miles of a state managed property, or state-certified wood, may be brought onto the property. This change is being done to reduce the risk of bringing in destructive forest diseases and insects.  2 state health inspected wells for potable water.  Ice is available for sale at the registration tent and will be delivered, periodically, through camp by horse.  Dumpster for your garbage. Please recycle.

The outdoor oven will be available for use. We encourage you to try it.

School Day: On Friday we host 6th graders from several area schools from 10:00 AM thru 2:00 PM. If you would like to participate with a 15 minute "Show & Tell" presentation, please notify the gate when you register or sign up at The Cabin.

Tourists will be allowed into camp from 9 AM to 4 PM Saturday & 9 AM to 3 PM Sunday. The camp is closed to non-participants Tuesday - Thursday. If you would like a guest to stay, please make sure they have paid the $10.00 registration fee & are properly attired.

At The Cabin: Events schedules, displays, demonstrations & activities, first aid supplies, lost & found even from last year, raffle prizes & tickets, etc - just about anything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

Quieter time at midnight: We do not say you have to go to bed - just be respectful of those around who may want to. our Booshways, Dog Soldiers & club members are dedicated to ensuring that all participants have a great time at our rendezvous. We are your hosts and are open to your constructive comments & suggestions to help make your rendezvous experience a pleasant one. Thank you all for making this rendezvous a success for Over 30 years!!!

Be Safe. Have Fun. Make Memories.